Friday, March 23, 2012

How “The Hunger Games” should motivate the writer you

Today “The Hunger Games” hits theaters. Heck, many of us saw it last night at midnight and won’t be reading this blog post until much later after they wake up! I’m being a good wife and waiting to see it tonight with my husband so this post is spoiler free.

I love seeing book to film adoptions because I leave the theater feeling so energized. Yes, I like the “Twilight” movies, I love “Harry Potter” and I’m really looking forward to seeing “The Hunger Games” but my excitement isn’t because of the movies it’s because those movies, those books once were only a thought. They all started off with their authors sitting in front a blank computer screen.

Every story comes from a simple thought no matter how complex the plot and sub plots turn out to be. As I write, it’s the endless possibilities that excite me and keep me pushing through the hard times. Yesterday my daughter woke up on the wrong side of the crib. It rained all day so Oscar (the dog) was naturally upset and even Diamond and Jedi (the bunnies) were restless and just plain annoying. It was a very bad writing day. After everyone went to sleep I stayed up and worked. I revised this blog post, revised another chapter in my YA and wrote my goal of 2,000 words in my middle grade project. Yes, I was up pretty late but it’s the possibility that someday readers may be waiting to read my work that keeps me going.

Most authors don’t get movie deals. I’m not setting my goals to be unrealistic (I still can dream though) but someday I hope to have readers just as excited about my characters as I am. I want to share the worlds I have created with the world and because of such a possibility and goal I keep writing.

“The Hunger Games” began with a blank page. It once was an idea in Suzanne Collins’ head. It wasn’t always a polished manuscript or New York Bestseller. Anyone’s work can get there. The possibilities are endless, exciting and motivating.

How do you keep your dreams and possibilities in sight when you have a bad day?

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