Friday, July 29, 2011

Developing an emergency backup plan

NOTE: This is not to be used as instruction for zombie apocalypse survival. Though, that would definitely put a damper on your daily writing goals.

It can be hard to juggle motherhood, writing/working and real life. I am an advocate on the importance of goal setting, as are many writing related articles I read. However, sometimes life happens and we see the importance of exercising flexibility in addition to stringent goal planning.

This week Oscar has had an increase in his seizures, I have been suffering from migraines left and right—Baby has been fine but that only means she is as active as ever. I still have freelance deadlines and sometimes, like earlier this week, I can’t meet my daily fiction writing goal. Yes, that is hard for me to type, but I’ve learned that sometimes we need flexibility. I’m not saying to give into excuses but not many people can meet their goals everyday. With that being said, I suggest an emergency backup plan.

To make my emergency backup plan, I take my original daily writing goal of 3,000 words and chop it down to 500. So, I don’t make my goal but at least I did something with my WIP.

Even though we have some days where our goals become impossible, we also have some really great days where we feel like super heroes. You know that feeling. The kids are doing great, you’ve made all deadlines or gotten things done early with your “real job,” you finished your writing goal and feel like you could save the world from anything! I may be exaggerating a bit, but my point is, everyone has great days. Use those great days to your advantage. It is great when you can write more than your daily writing goal and that extra work will balance out days when you don’t feel so super.


This week, I loved this post by author Amy Romaine, Writing- Exercise for the Brain?

Are you starting a blog? Wanting to know what that magic number is, meaning how often should you blog. Read, ‘What’s the Magic Number? How often should Writers Blog?’ by Kristen Lamb

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You can read my book ‘Caring for your Special Needs Dog,’ that inspired the lecture. I cannot take full credit though, all of this was inspired by my dog, Oscar * Oscar wags his tail while sitting on my foot. *


  1. Such a great post. As a busy mom, I crave constant writing time but rarely get there. I break it into pieces, but some days I just won't get to my goal. And that is ok - it's not an excuse, it's acceptance of the day. I try to make up for it on a better day. The main thing is to keep writing whenever we can and give ourselves a break when we need to!

  2. I agree completely with you Jennifer. I always feel so empowered when I write more than my writing goal for the day. Days like that make up for those that aren't so successful. Being a writing mom is the best and probably one of the most challenging jobs out there! We ROCK!

  3. Yes, adaptability is key! It can be much easier to crawl into bed, pull the covers over your head, moan and whine, and declare that you will never become a NY Times Bestselling Author at this rate! But life happens. I like the idea of a back-up plan, Natalie.