Friday, August 19, 2011

From suits to burp rags: The life of a work-at-home mommy

I used put on a fancy business suit and heels to go to work on The Ave. of Americas in NYC or on Post Oak in Houston. Now I simply wear yoga pants/sweat pants, depending on the weather and a Baylor t-shirt to go to work in my at-home office in my house. Oh and don’t forget the burp rag that ordained my shoulder during the early days of being a writing mommy.

Time management can become a big struggle for any working-from-home mommy, especially since you cannot manage which you cannot control. As a mom, many factors control your day, none of which include you. Your baby always needs you and then there are the normal house cleaning, laundry, cooking needs. So, how do you work while getting all of that done while staying sane? Simple, you have to know yourself and control what you can.

By knowing yourself, you can identify what times of day you are most productive at various tasks. Use this knowledge to map out a day that will lead you to success.

Now flexibility is key. Many times that obligatory monkey wrench fins its way into our lives. That’s why you always need a back-up plan. Don’t stress over the things that don’t get done, celebrate the things that did get done. You can always make time for anything that is important to you. If writing is important, then you can make it work.

I’m teaching a month long Write It Forward Workshop, ‘Writing Moms: How to do it all without losing your mind!’ this October through Who Dares Wins Publishing. I hope that you will join the discussion and grow from it. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Are you a writing mommy or work-from-home mommy? What have you learned along the journey?

No announcements or blog shout-outs today as I’m out of town. Have a wonderful Friday y’all! I leave you with a great song by Bon Jovi, ‘Have a Nice Day.’

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