Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How writing is like Football

While at the Baylor pep rally last night in preparation for today's Texas Bowl I realized that football is like writing. You can't just pick up a pen one day and expect to be the next New York Times Bestseller. You have to train, practice and persevere.

The Baylor football team has trained and practiced for this day all year but really it goes further back then that. I know that they played football prior to college. The will to be a winning football team can be traced back to then and whenever they began not just physical training but the mental mentality of wanting to be a winner.

As a writer I work to make my own luck and reach my goals. I train and practice and persevere. Like any athlete, all writers must work to continue to grow in their craft and trade. So as the New Year approaches compare your writing to football or your favorite sport. Think about how you can prepare for your 2011 writing career like a football player prepares for a Bowl Game.

In other news I'm hoping that nothing big happenes today because I'll be off line as I cheer my Baylor Bears on to a Texas Bowl victory!!!

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