Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How are you setting goals for your New Years resolutions?

Today I'm returning to my usual writing schedule with some new additions to make sure that I stay on track with my 2011 writing plan.

Thinking small:

That's how I'm setting goals and making sure that I reach my overall writing goals for 2011. My first major implementation is that I WILL contribute to this blog each Wednesday and Friday. I'm also working on branding myself online by layering the my writing platform. I will be writing more about this initiative in a future blog.

I've assigned each of my freelance contracts specific days of the week where I will devote the appropriate time to each. All of this will help me free up more time for my fiction writing. So this year I WILL FINISH my YA which is currently under POV revisions and I'll send it out to agents.

I've also set a daily writing goal for my YA. I will not rest each day until I've written or revised 2,000 words. Bold? I'm not thinking so. By further improving my management skills for my other projects I will have more writing time.

Do you have a 2011 writing goal? And do you have a plan? Share what you are doing in a comment below.

Oscar's daily plan to help me write remains the same as is was in 2010. He sits on my feet keeping me in my chair and in front of my laptop. A loyal and good dog to my writing career. Yay Oscar!

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