Monday, January 10, 2011

How snow days are perfect for writers

OK I know that this is not my usually scheduled blog day but I had to put something. So writers that work from home like myself don't get to take advantage of snow days in the sense that we get out of work but days like this make great writing days. To me there is something very cozy about a cold day and it makes me ignore all distractions and curl up on my couch with a blanket and my laptop.

My assistant Oscar on the other hand isn't as good at ignoring distractions as I am. The dog that has never seen snow until last night suddenly has a new addiction, he loves to run and dive in the foreign white fluffy stuff. When I can wrangle him inside he sits at the window dreaming of diving in the snow. So for today and until the snow melts probably later this week I think it's safe to say that my personal assistant will not be of any help.

If you live in a state that got hit by the winter storm stay warm and safe. Take advantage of weather to write. It's better than getting out on the roads.


  1. I am jealous of the snow! It does look cozy---but then again, today was the first day back to homeschooling and there is no way the kids would have focused if they had that to play with lol. Thanks for hopping over to the blog. I do the back of the book copy later myself--that is the synopsis I use in my query letters and the latest full request from an agent said exactly that, that it sounded like jacket copy. I love writing my own jacket copy for all the books I review, too. Right now I can't do that for my new project though because I am still trying to learn everything about them. Possibly after I do all their interviews. :-)

  2. I love how you do character interviews. That's a great idea.