Friday, January 14, 2011

Working on the weekend

As writers we do not have a typical Monday through Friday 9-5 job. We work when inspiration strikes. We work when the goal and deadline must be met. Now understandably that makes us the oddballs in our society. Chances are that your family does follow the typical work model. So how do you make to to work during the weekend? Does your family now replace Facebook and Twitter as your biggest distraction?

The answer is respect. Make sure that your family understands what you do. Make sure they understand your daily schedule. Let them know how hard you work and with little compensation. Let them join you in looking forward to the big successes while helping you meet the little goals along the way. My husband is my number one cheerleader. With his support it is easy for me to get help with the baby and of course Oscar.

But don't abuse their support. On Friday and the weekend I always make sure to cut my work off at night so that I can watch that movie with him. I also do not work through meals during the weekends. Let your family know how much you appreciate their help and you'll find that it isn't hard to make time to write even on the weekends.

How do you schedule your weekend writing time? Share below in a comment.

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  1. Respect is definitely key, Natalie. To that I would add that you have to take yourself and your writing seriously, even if those around you don't. You have to treat writing as a career long before it actually (financially) is one.