Friday, February 4, 2011

Rituals and habits, the oddity in writers

It has already been said by many that if you're a writer than you are cut from a strange cloth. Think about it; you love to be alone, you play make believe with characters in your mind, you may even here voices! You've embarked on a stressful and endurance-filled industry where hard work takes years to be rewarded, if it ever is. write because you love. You write because you need to in order to be happy. At least these are the reasons as to why I write. So, with all this craziness it should come as no surprise that many writers have habits and rituals that help them tackle their tasks and writing dreams.

Me? I must have music in order to write. This applies to my life as well. I can't cook, clean house; you can get the idea. God Bless Steve Jobs and the iPod. My music takes on the style of whatever I'm writing. If my characters are in combat, theatrical scores that match their action are blaring. If it's a tender, loving moment, again the music fits the mood. Now lately I've had to adjust to some new musical habits. My baby loves Glee and does stay calm to their music. And my writing also benefits from a calm baby. So I may have had to adjust my musical tastes but still for me, music plays a key role in my writing. That and my white erase board with daily goals and tasks listed.

What do you have to have to write? What are your strange habits or rituals as you enjoy this writing industry? Happy Friday and share it with us in a comment below! For all of those who are experiencing crazy winter weather; stay warm and safe.

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  1. I need to be away from home, in a coffee shop or bakery, lots of background noise, no internet, chores or kids.

    Great topic, btw. Thanks!