Friday, February 18, 2011

Sharing the love: A Critique Partner Relationship

I’ve discussed the importance of having a critique partner, the styles of critiques and how you might go about finding one. Today though, I’m here to tell you that having a critique partner is just like any other relationship. It is about give and take. It’s about sharing the love.

You can’t just expect a fabulous critique and help if you don’t reciprocate in return. This is why I caution writers about getting several critique partners. Of course the feedback is great but this process does mean time that you must take away from your own projects.

Just like all relationships, sometimes we get burned, as writer Alyssa Goodnight pointed out in a comment on Wednesday’s post. She had a critique partner that “fell off the map.” I’d say that person probably didn’t fully understand what it meant to be a critique partner. If you’ve had a bad experience don’t use that as an example of what having a critique partner is about. It’s always a good time jump in again because if you find the right person than the process can really help your writing.

Are you sharing the love with your critique partner? What do you do to show them your appreciation?

Since it is Friday I leave you with a fun video. Although Aurellia was not Jamie’s critique partner her dedication to helping his manuscript is amusing. Also, this is a great lesson on backing up your work! Unfortunately, the video I found has a disable embedded code so you must click on the link below to view. Enjoy some Love Actually!

'Love Actually' Lake Scene

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