Friday, April 8, 2011

For the love of the craft: The importance of reading

One of my freelance projects is to cover all news and related topics at as The Mortal Instruments Examiner. ‘The Mortal Instruments’ are an Internationally bestselling YA series by author Cassandra Clare. I love this series. I love the world building, the complexities of the plot and the characterization. I love how there is really something for everyone; humor, war, love. This was one of the series that inspired by to write YA and now I love the interaction that I get with the fans, allowing me to stay in tune with the demographic.

As a writer, especially one of multiple topics, it is very easy to get wrapped up in my work schedule and forget to do what brought me to writing fiction, reading. This past Tuesday, the fourth book in ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series came out, 'City of Fallen Angels'. I’ve been buried in it reading and realizing the love I have for this genre and this series all over again. It’s revelations like these that remind why I do what I do. Why I torture myself at odd hours going over plot points. Why I stick to my 2,000 words a day writing/revision goal, even if it means staying up to the early hours of the morning. I love to write.

Writers must set writing goals and stick to them but it is just as important to set reading goals. Read in your genre and outside of it. See what the industry trends are. During an interview with ‘Firelight’ author Sophie Jordan, I asked her about her reading habits. She said, ‘I read what is popular even if it’s out of my genre. If it sold in a major book deal, then I need to see why. Why did agents and publishers love that book? It’s my job to know.” This so true and every writer should live by it.

Next time you are setting your weekly schedule. Don’t forget to make time to read. Read for yourself and your career. Go back and fall in love again with a series that inspired you to write. Never lose the love of this craft and don’t forget why you do what you do.

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