Friday, April 15, 2011

Writing Healthy

As writers we all tend to drive ourselves towards our goals relentlessly, which often means insane early and late hours and turning into recluses. Well, at least that is what happens to me. Often times I forget the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working towards my goals.

Even with deadlines it is important to take time to take care of you. By stopping to take care of myself I’ve learned that not only do I feel better but my writing improves as well.

There are four areas that writers should focus on while working to write healthy. First there is physical health. It is not healthy to sit constantly in front of a computer screen. The second is nutritional health. Don’t skip meals. Take time to eat healthy. Thirdly, hone your craft. Take time to read craft articles and books. I’m currently reading ‘Writer Wellness’ by Joy Held. It is a fantastic way to make change and become a better and healthier writer. The last area that writers should focus on is mental health. Take time to meditate and relax. Control your stress and feel better for it. This will make you a better writer.

Joy Held’s ‘Writer Wellness’ book really incorporates all of these areas and helps writers understand how to find the time and the importance of writer wellness. I highly recommend this book and once I’m done I will write a review.

What do you do to write healthy? How have you seen that taking time to focus on your health has helped your writing?

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  1. It's very difficult to be active and motivated when you spend 7 months staring at a screen and a snowbank outside. It's not always likely to remain on target for all tasks but a 'reward yourself' system can be very motivating. Great reminder.