Thursday, July 14, 2011

Re-sparking that writer conference energy

I attended the RWA Writers Conference this year and I know authors that attended the Thriller Writers Conference. Such conferences can be overwhelming and exhausting. Hopefully you read Bob Mayer’s and Jennifer Talty’s ‘The Writer’s Conference Guide.’ The truth is, whatever conference you attended, you are EXHAUSTED! Especially, if you are a mom. I know after being away from my house for a week I was met with so many things to do including planning and running my one-year-old's birthday party.

So, how do you keep the momentum and the spark from the conferences and apply them to your writing life? I recommend that you look over your notes and get back into your writing as quickly as possible. It is so easy to get tired and caught up with real life and feel like you must devote more time to it because you were at a conference for a week.

Remember why you went to that conference. What were your goals? I'm sure you had some. Look at those goals. Did you achieve them? How can you move forward and capitalize on what you learned to achieve your goals?

Maintaining the high from a conference is especially hard for mother’s that have been away from their babies. I know, I am there right now. Be sure to discuss your goals with your family. Get them on board, set a schedule and start working.

These are some suggestions to start with. How are you maintaining your high from a writer’s conference? What advice do you have? Please share below in a comment.


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