Friday, September 2, 2011

How family meddling can help your writing

Being a writer doesn’t just have to be about you. Get your family involved. Your family should be your best supporters. They should respect your time but they need to know why. Let them know how important this is to you. Discuss your ideas with them and let them read your work.

My husband is a geologist. I had him read my YA fantasy thinking that he would only be able to catch typos and whatnot. Oh no. He found that I went against the laws of physics at one point. In my book, my heroine floods an underwater palace but the way she does could never happen in real life. I love it. I real life! It is a fantasy! However, all fiction should maintain a level of realism and my husband was right to point out such an era. So now, in this particular scene the palace floods exactly how an underwater palace would flood if one would today.

You never know in what way you family may help you. Personally, nothing makes me more proud or more turned on when my husband reads my work. I love how much he supports me and then to have him praise my writing and really enjoy reading it—it doesn’t get much better then that.

So, include your family in your writing process. As a writer this is a huge part of your life. Don’t shut out those you love. Let them join this journey with you and let them enjoy your success along the way. How do you include your family in your writing process?


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  1. Oh my DH does that to me all the time. I have to bite my tongue so he just keeps giving me good feedback.