Sunday, September 4, 2011

Writers: How do you view Labor Day? Work or Play?

I typically blog on Wednesdays and Fridays, but I feel strongly on this topic so this is a special blog post. I hope that you will share your opinions in comment.

Writing is not a job it’s a vocation. It’s a passion. It’s a way of life and who someone is. That is why writers don’t take off holidays like Labor Day. I see and recognize the value. I’ve even worked ahead on my work so that I can devote some extra time to my family today, but I can assure you that today, I will still write. Even if it’s not the normal daily word count, I keep moving forwards.

Bob Mayer says in his book ‘Write It Forward: From Writer to Successful Author’ (formally titled ‘Warrior Writer.’) that writing is a marathon, not a sprint and he couldn’t be closer to the truth. I have to constantly keep reminding myself of this. In fact, I keep this quote in bold type taped to my white erase board in my office. I’m not a patient person but I love to write—it’s part of who I am and I will stick with it. I’ve already beaten the odds. I’ve finished two fiction manuscripts and published one non-fiction book with another in the works.

So, to me Labor Day doesn’t mean to take a day off and recognize the hard work that I’ve done, it means to take a little time off and recharge before diving into more hard word on the very holiday.

Today, my husband and I are taking our daughter to an indoor water activity park in the morning. She loves the water and it’s just too hot to play outside. This will be fun and successfully tire her out for a great afternoon of naptime. Then my husband can do yard work while I work. See what a planner I am? J

What are you doing on this Labor Day? Are you writing today?


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