Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The benefit of beta readers

Are you doing everything that you can for your writing? My answer until recently was no. I recently asked some of my best friends to read my work. They are not writers so they are not reading for the same things that my critique partner reads for but they are avid readers and care about my success.

They have picked up on inconsistencies that I dropped during my many drafts but more importantly they let me know how much they love my story. It is so important to have cheerleaders other than your family. You don’t have to be published in fiction to have fans. Let your friends fall in love with your characters and know what you spend countless hours on.

Let your friends be your beta readers and give them an opportunity to read a great story for free! How did you find your beta readers? Do you have friends that love to read the genre you write in as well?

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  1. Natalie - My book club was invaluable in reading my first novel. They all liked the novel, yet every last one of them said the ending was weak. Since I knew how they had reviewed books in our meetings, I trusted their advice. We rarely ALL love a book, so when they all agreed about needed changes, I made them. The ending is so much stronger now. Great reminder!

  2. Yes, I love using beta readers. I focus on 2 types. Authors and a sample from my book's audience. Thanks for sharing your reasons for using beta readers.

  3. Thanks for the link love! :)

    And yes, I need my beta readers. I'm one of those who doesn't always get down on the page what's in my head, and they're great at catching those near-misses. :)