Thursday, November 24, 2011

This writer’s Thanksgiving

Having worked in public relations, communications and television I feel most thankful now to be a full-time writer. I really have always loved every job I have had but I really love what I am doing today and anytime someone can say that, they should give thanks.

I love the flexibility. The opportunity to explore new worlds through the eyes of my characters and to meet new characters, both good and bad. On the non-fiction front, I love to meet people that I probably wouldn’t meet if it wasn’t for some of the topics I cover. I love the chance to educate others on ideas and subjects that are important to me and that deserve to be shared. I love possibilities. I love walking into a bookstore and walking through the rows thinking that someday the book I’m writing now will be among those bestsellers.

I’m most thankful for the community I’ve met in the writing world. First I joined Romance Writer’s of America (even though I don’t write romance) and later I became part of the great publishing family at Who Dares Win Publishing when I published my first book, ‘Caring for Your Special Needs Dog’. It is wonderful to have found such a great resource and support in both communities.

I have wonderful friends and a support group in my critique partners and beta readers for my fiction work. You know who you are. But I’m most thankful for my family. They are the ones that understand and support my writing career the most and help me make it all work even with an active toddler and dog who often is more trouble then our daughter!

If you’re a writer, what/who are you giving thanks for on this holiday?


The 2012 Write-It-Forward Workshop schedule is up. Take a look at the fantastic line-up including back by popular demand, Writing Moms (March 2012) and the new Time Management for the Busy Writer (October 2012) in time for NANOWRIMO both by Natalie C. Markey.
A percentage of the profits from Markey’s ‘Caring for Your Special Needs Dog’ go to The Texas A&M Foundation to the benefit of the Neurology Section, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinarian Medicine.

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