Friday, March 11, 2011

Harvesting your dreams

Earlier this week I discussed finding writing inspiration through the ‘what if ‘ theory. Basically, ask yourself questions that start with, ‘what it.’ From there sometimes you can find an idea worth exploring with more questions. Before you know it you may have an idea for your next novel. Another way to find inspiration is in your dreams.
Dreams are many times a writers’ most powerful tool. Dreams can help you solve problems. Dreams can give you amazing ideas. Many months ago I had a dream of a short story that I had won an award with back in high school. I had completely forgotten the story until it took over my dream. It was then, when I woke up that I knew that the story could easily be a great Middle Grade novel series. I spent the next day outlining it and jotting down character sketches. When I’m done rewriting my YA that will be my next project.
But just like it is best to outline your ideas, you have to prepare to make the most of your dreams. If you’ve ever woken up from an amazing dream you know that you don’t have long until the thought is gone, maybe forever. I keep a notepad and pen on my nightstand every night. That way if I wake up with a great idea I can start writing it down immediately. I believe that we dream our dreams for a reason. I don’t want to lose any great story ideas.
However, don’t let your dream ideas take over your current work. That is why I always write my ideas down. If I feel an idea I had from dream really has potential I may even spend a day outlining it but that is the most time I will give it. It’s great to explore new ideas but writers still need to stay focused on the task at hand. For me, I’m focused on finishing the revisions to my non-fiction book. I will send it to the publisher the end of this month. I also am finishing my YA with hopes of seeking representation by mid-April. And then I have my freelance contracts. For me those are my priorities but I always take advantage of a dream, I’m just saying to not let the dream idea take over your current goals.
Harvest your dreams. Talk about them in the morning. Write them down. Whatever method works best for you. Has a dream given you a great story idea? Is your current WIP based off of a dream?


  1. Not yet, but I have had some crazy ones lol :-) have a great writing day, and a wonderful weekend with your family girl

  2. Hi, Love your blog about dreams. I dream big. I even wrote about them in one of my blogs. I wrote a novel based on a dream - as yet unpublished. But I live in hope :)