Thursday, March 3, 2011

How Spring Cleaning Can Help Your Writing

OK, we’re writers. If you’re anything like me then you despise cleaning. I’d much rather escape into my self-created fictional world or one of my many non-fiction/freelance topics.
Currently I’m hoping to promote my new blog entry while still working on meeting non-fiction deadline and YA deadline. Many of you will understand this challenge. However, I have found it important to take breaks and enjoy some Spring Cleaning while working on such projects.
Today, I worked on laundry, dishes and files in my office. Yes, it doesn’t sound like fun but look to the benefits. You can see that everything begins with Oscar, my dog. How can I do anything without his help from under my desk. But look closely to the before and after on my desk.Baby rattles included. See the difference? I sure did!
Now that I’ve taken some time to clean my house, my office included I feel so rejuvenated and accomplished. Having a clean workspace is vital. I don’t know about you but I require space to lay out my notes, critiques, etc. Clearing off your desk for some Spring Cleaning is not fun. However, it can greatly attribute to your writing.
Since I write in multiple genres I require organization. Spring Cleaning may not be welcomed but I do welcome the professional benefits.
What do you do during Spring Cleaning that contributes to your writing? Share your thought in a comment below to join the discussion by following Pen to Publish.


  1. Yeah cleaning is always a drag but I feel much better once it's over :-) Love the Tigger rattle btw. Have a great weekend girl

  2. Yes, baby toys are always a staple around my work space. You should see the rest of my office. It serves also as a playroom. From my laptop I can see a small entertainment center, bouncer, play yard, etc! Have a fabulous weekend as well!

  3. I hate cleaning. I still haven't convinced my husband that I'm just too creative to be clutter free. LOL.