Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So do you want to know what my YA is about?

As I have said before, I’m working on the final revisions of my YA fantasy and preparing it for submission. As any writer understands, the pitch is often the hardest part of writing a book. I have a degree in public relations so you would think that I’d be great at pitching my own book. Wrong! I’ve learned that pitching your own book can be one of the biggest challenges to a writer. I feel that I’m too close to my story to decipher what is really important to pitch and what is not. That is why I’m trusting Diane Holmes over at Pitch University to advise me on my pitch. Today she is talking about me in a Pitch University case study.

If you’ve ever wondered what my book is about, here is your chance to find out! In working with Pitch University I found that I was pitching the right parts of my book just at the wrong places. My instincts were right which made feel good about my pitch and know that I’m on the right track. Pitch University also has connections with agents so I was able to get feedback from agent Molly Jaffa with Folio Literary Management.

You can see my case study here. As I prepare to submit this story for representation I am open to your suggestions. What do you think of my pitch? Do you want Pitch University to examine your pitch? Contact them here.


  1. Natalie, I loved working with you! And the first vs final version was worth all the effort we both put into pitch/query. Seriously, you worked hard!

  2. i would like to see if you have any suggestions on my dog that is about 5 months old~your blog site showed up when i googled my question.