Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dressing for writing success

When I was in high school and then in college I had this silly little ritual that I would dress nice whenever I had a test or presentation. I found that when I did I would perform better on the test. Looking back on it, I wasn’t being silly at all. There is nothing silly about boosting my self-confidence and that is what I was doing.

Today as a working-from-home writing mom it is easy to want to stay in my morning yoga outfit or even my pajamas. But normally I step it up just a little to some comfortable pants and a Baylor shirt. I don’t “dress up” anymore like I did for tests or presentations. Instead I wear shirts that mean something and make me happy. I loved college and especially around football season I show a lot of team spirit (Go Bears!) so by wearing my team colors it makes me happy and this shines through to my writing, And the comfortable pants, well it’s always smart to be comfortable when planning to sit at your computer for long hours.

So, like I’ve spoken before about the importance of your workspace and outline, what you wear even can play a role in your writing success. Take a moment and think, does what you wear help or hurt your writing? The most important thing though is that you write even if it is with a burp rag draped across your shoulder!

What is your writing attire?

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  1. My high school choir teacher was a brilliant in many ways. One interesting thing, though, was that she DEMANDED that all of her students try out for region choir and wear suits and dresses to the tryout. Mind you, you're in a room with 1-3 judges who are sometimes hidden behind a partition. Most of the other high school students were in jeans and shirts, but I think making us dress up forced us to realize the significance of what we were doing. We ended up with a very high percentage of kids from our school in region choir. Maybe our director's dress code was part of the reason.

    I dress up for things now with the same attitude. (Although I am wearing exercise pants & a tee as I write, since I'm doing my work-out next.)

  2. Mine is shorts a tshirt and socks :-D but I dress up for my day gig. When I write I'm on vacation.