Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finding My Inner Villain

I've reached the point in my revisions where I need to fine tune my stories villain. I spent all night working on the chapter where my heroine meets him. For someone who always loved the villains in the Disney movies growing up (I'm a big Maleficent fan) I thought that this wouldn't be as hard as it is. However, I guess that just shows truly what a nice person I am. I just hate being mean to my heroine and hero! Well, after thinking of countless movie villains and merging their personalities, considering my villain's motivation and reasons for being evil I think I got him where I want him to be. It was a tiring exercise but I'm now happy at how he will turn out. I just hope my readers don't think I'm horrible for creating such a evil person but every good story must be driven by conflict and this story definitely has conflict! Conflict that will hopefully result in nail-biting, sitting on the edge of your seat reading!

Well, not bad for day 2 of my blog. I did submit another entry! Now I'm back to revising/writing while waiting for people to call me for interviews for my current freelance article. I hate waiting on call-backs but that does give me more time to edit. Oscar is happily supervising my work today from the couch as he dreams off and on I'm sure about bones and tennis balls!

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