Thursday, May 13, 2010

Waiting, More Waiting, Then Sprint!

This title basically describes the life of a freelance writer. Sometimes writing means that you do a lot of waiting. For example, when I get a topic I have to first research it which means I conduct a lot of interviews. Conducting interviews means that I'm dependent on other peoples time. So, yes I have a deadline looming over my head but my article/story won't be ready until I have all the pieces.

Once the last interview is done and I've reread all my notes it's sprint time. Then the deadline takes on its full weight since the only thing stopping me now from hitting that oh so fabulous "submit" button is me. After completing my last interview on my current assignment I'm gearing up for the sprint. But I thought that this perspective of freelance writing would be of great importance to anyone considering the field. You never have an 8-5 workday or weekends. You work around your deadlines. Which is wonderful and I love it because in many cases I can work ahead and move things around to fit the schedule I want. But there is always that one story that keeps you from the movie you want to see or the season finale you've been looking forward to. But it's still a career that I would choose again, and again.

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