Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning can Help your Writing!

So, yes we are now in summer ,especially here in Texas, but it's never too late to commence your spring cleaning. I tackled this job a few weeks ago and I'm still overwhelmed at how much it is helping my writing! Along with the usual task for spring cleaning I took on the huge task of reorganizing my files. You'd be amazed at how much stuff I found that I really didn't need any more!

In addition to organizing bills and other joyous stuff I organized and created files for my writing. I now have files for each freelance contract, freelance contract I'm seeking, novel ideas, current projects (each has it's own file) writing memberships and writing classes. Through this system I'm seeing great results. I now can easily reference something from a past writing class or find that note I wrote at some odd hour of the night. Just one day of work around the house and I'm feeling so accomplished. By keeping everything organized my work area has order to it and I can save a lot of time that now can go towards what I should be doing...writing!

Do you have any "spring cleaning" success stories? If so, do share!

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