Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Location, location, location

When I write I like to find my “groove.” That zen that helps my prose flow neatly from my mind to my laptop. Right…..if only it were that easy! But location can play a major role in maximizing the most of your writing time and maximizing my time is something I’ve come become an expert in since the birth of my daughter.

The first step to getting your location “write” for you is to know yourself. A fantastic, free and fast way to do this is to take Brigg Myers test. This is a popular test that can help you identify if you are an introvert or extrovert among other personality types. Here is a great online version of this test that offers immediate results (without spam!)

I always thought that I was an extrovert because I am outgoing. Growing up I danced, participated in drama and debates. But now I know that I’m actually an introvert. I get my energy by being alone. I love being with people to but I find it draining. I write best and “hear” my characters best when I’m alone. How you harness your energy is a crucial part to finding the best writing location for you.

Sometimes our writing location is chosen for us. It works out well in my case since I enjoy writing from home but even if this wasn’t the idea space for me, I wouldn’t have too much of a choice. I doubt many coffee shops would take kindly to my toddler running around while I cranked out my daily word count.

If you feel stuck in your writing location and know or discover that it isn’t the best for you, then adapt. If I was an extrovert and would write better in a public place there would be things I could do to change my at home location.

Write by a T.V. or radio. Something that can provide conversation. Find writing buddies online that you can communicate with through social media outlets. You may not be physically interacting with people while you write but you can get creative to make the situation most advantageous for you.

As I said, knowing you can make all the difference in maximizing your time and location. I love music. I can’t write without it and even categorize songs for various types of scenes. I know this works for me and I make the most of it.

How do you maximize the most of your writing location?

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