Friday, February 10, 2012

There's an app for that!

I'm writing this blog post on my iPad on the road. Thanks to technology, it is easier now then ever to be a writer on the go. This also means that we writers have fewer excuses. You can meet that daily writing go even when traveling.

It is true that there is an app for just about everything these days. There are useful apps such as the flashlight app, compass apps, a variety of alarm clock apps, etc. There are useless apps like angry birds (which I do not own,) words with friends, and other games. And don't forget all those Sesame Street apps! You don't have know that I'm a mother to a toddler, just look at my apps! There are very helpful tools to make life easier like Grocery IQ, and yes there are apps specifically for writers.

Docs To Go is why I wanted an iPad. I no longer have to carry my laptop around with me. I can sync files and work from my iPad. Yesterday I revised a whole chapter for my young adult novel and wrote out articles for my Special Needs Dog column for the rest of the month. while visiting family, those tasks may still be in my to do list.

There are other devices for writing on the go. I just use the iPad so that is what I'm familiar with. My new favorite app is Priorities where I can easily keep up with my to do list and it doesn't seem that overwhelming. I recently downloaded My Writing. I haven't used it yet but it seems great for those moments when you're out and just have a little time to write. It even has a word counter. When browsing through writing apps I also found one that helps you write a novel in 30 days. Now that just sounds perfect for NANOWRIMO.

I've seen writers and professionals out and about making the most of technology to get their work done. I'm able to get through my to do list at a faster pace making more time for new projects and family time, all thanks to new technologies.

How do you write on the go? What apps do you find helpful? Share your personal story of writing on the go success in a comment below.


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  1. Just found you through an RWA email on courses! Looking forward to,following you. I'm also an IPad writer who has discovered Evernotes.

    1. I will have to try Evernotes. Thanks for following and I LOVE your user name. That is how I think when I plot and brainstorm :-)