Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making the most of your writing space

Earlier this week I wrote about locations and how they can impact your writing (or work.) They can help you stay focused, organized, inspired or create chaos and career destruction. But you can prevent such catastrophe by knowing what works best for you and making it work. The same thing can be applied to what goes around your workspace.

I write from home while caring for my toddler and dog. As her nap times become shorter I must get creative with my office space. I’ve created an office/playroom environment that even accommodates Oscar, my dog’s needs.

In this picture you can see the corner of my desk with toys across from it. Sometimes the books on the lower shelf of my bookcase become great toys too. And yes, that is a ball pool. My house is like a slice of Chuck E. Cheese fun! And then you may be able to see a piece of Oscar’s velvet, memory foam stuffed bed under my desk. It is good to be a baby in our house (and yes I’m calling my dog a baby too!)

But you don’t need to have children or demanding pets to custom your workspace to your needs. What helps you focus? What makes you happy when you are stressed? What distracts you? These are just some questions to get you started in creating a productive work environment. In addition to my playground of toys I have white erase boards and story boards up on walls. I have inspirational quotes and pictures that make me happy.

It’s your work zone and you can create it to make it perfect for you. How have you made your work space a better working environment for you?

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