Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Writing while chasing a toddler

It takes a special kind of person to be a writer. A writers life is a difficult life filled with challenges, disappointments and lots of waiting. Now, add an active toddler in that mix. Being a writing mom (or Dad) takes even more discipline, planning, patience and the "want" than a typical writer.

All writers are busy but writers with children have to be a little more creative. I'm not talking being more creative on plots and characters, writing parents must be more creative with their time.

As a writing mom of a toddler and multiple deadlines I know that I get the most work done by waking up early. That may not be the advice that you wanted to hear but it is the most beneficial, at least for me. I've also learned ways to create more time. I'm a huge fan of my new slow cooker! And working out may seem to take time away from your writing but in reality it helps me stay well and clear my head so that I'm more productive.

Modern day technology also is a friend to writing parents. I have revised and plotted chapters while chasing my toddler. My iPad helps me with this task but you could use anything. A simple old-fashioned pad of paper and pen will do the trick.

The main thing to remember is to plan and make the most of the writing time that you do get. Being a writing parent is a challenge but you are not alone.

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  1. The class sounds great! And I didn't write when my kids were toddlers, maybe because it was way too much.

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